CONAN-control strategies for nitritation and anammox

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2015-11-27 09:29:16

Deammonification (nitritation together with anammox) processes have become state of art for treatment of nitrogen-rich side streams since this alternative allows 60% savings for aeration energy and for the elimination of the need for an external carbon source. The process could be applicable in many wastewater treatment plants worldwide but lack of control strategies and automation together with a complicated start up phase holds back the break through. Therefore, we propose the CONAN project, with a strong team of R&D staff for development of control strategies and process theories (models) for efficient wastewater treatment. The ACWA research team at Mälardalen University (MDH), ABB Power Generation and Purac AB will together provide Sweden’s strongest team in the control and process knowledge needed for the project. The results are aimed for joint ABB-Purac turn-key projects on the global market.


Aktivitetsnummer: 2015:78
Portföljägare: PiiA
Aktivitetstyp: FUI-projekt
Status: Vilande
Program: PiiA
Aktivitetsledare: Linda Kanders
Startdatum: 201508
Slutdatum: 201809