Avancerande systemintegration for processindustrin: Sensordatainsamling, nätverks- och övervakande reglering

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2015-11-26 16:13:13

The project aims at providing an effective and efficient solution for high performance wireless control in the process industry, enabling completely new possibilities for integrating novel monitoring, maintenance, reconfiguration, and supervision functionalities. The project will provide novel methods for data gathering and fault tolerant information processing, latency optimized protocol- and routing structures including reconfiguration, plug-and-play complementing control structures for the use in new and existing processes and demonstrations on real processes on a laboratory and industrial scale. The deliverables consists of : 1) Report on new sensor communication technology with lab implementation and evaluation, 2) Report on efficient industrial wireless networking with lab implementation and evaluation, 3) Report on fault-tolerant supervisory control technology with lab implementation and evaluation, 4) Integration of new sensing, networking, reconfiguration and control capabilities, 5) Industrial implementation and demonstration. The receivers of the results are ABB, the process industry in general, and the paper and pulp industry in particular.


Aktivitetsnummer: 2015:70
Portföljägare: PiiA
Aktivitetstyp: FUI-projekt
Status: Vilande
Program: PiiA
Aktivitetsledare: Anders Ahlén
Startdatum: 201507
Slutdatum: 201806