IMPSEN - Impact of novel harsh environment sensing on future process control and automation

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2015-04-08 15:17:26

The understanding and improving of complex industrial processes is a key factor to the development and success of companies involved in a wide range of activities, from pulp and paper, metals and mining to food and pharmaceuticals. The expected future developments of the process industries, including the increasing use of circular economy, material recovery, virtual dynamic factory, flexible production, security and safety, require a much better knowledge about the individual processes involved in production. These visionary ideas can not be efficiently implemented without a better understanding of the core processes.

The proposed project is a pilot study that aims at supporting the process industry, as well as PiiA’s operations, by delivering a report that compiles the most promising research results in robust sensors for harsh industrial process and automation technology, analyses trends and impacts on the IT and automation systems, and identify potential commercial breakthroughs.

The proposed project will provide the PiiA community with a survey that will summarise the latest trends and research results obtained in sensing for harsh environment. The survey is not a survey about commercially available technologies, but about the opportunities offered by new research in the field of sensing for process control and automation. It will therefore propose the implementation of new sensing technologies, address how they can be integrated into industrial processes and their impact on IT and automation systems.


Aktivitetsnummer: 2015:37
Portföljägare: PiiA
Aktivitetstyp: Förstudie
Status: Vilande
Program: PiiA
Aktivitetsledare: Bertrand Noharet
Startdatum: 201412
Slutdatum: 201504