MCIEII - Measuring Climate for Innovation and Effects of Innovation Initiatives

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2015-04-08 14:58:14

In this research we want take the first steps in facilitating the transformation of the process industry towards highly creative workplaces where innovation is a natural part. In this project we want to develop and test tools and methodologies that stimulates and creates the right climate for creativity and innovation. We propose a project that combines on-going research at SICS (InnoWatch) and Mälardalens Högskola (I-network) in a new way, and together with Pfizer evaluate these benefits through a case study. This project lays the foundation for methodology and infrastructure for developing an innovative climate in the process industry to be developed in the future.


Aktivitetsnummer: 2015:32
Portföljägare: PiiA
Aktivitetstyp: Förstudie
Status: Vilande
Program: PiiA
Aktivitetsledare: Anders Wikström
Startdatum: 201412
Slutdatum: 201505