Pi-SAMS - Process industrial systems

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2015-04-08 13:08:56

The aim of the project is to demonstrate Process System Availability Modelling and Simulation tools and investigate how Analytics based on data stream management may be interfaced with the availability simulations, to maximize availability of industrial process systems. The project will, through project collaboration, demonstration and simulation outputs, provide direction for a future full-scale project and strengthen the international competitiveness of the project partners.

Future full-scale development of the availability simulations and monitoring functionality enables predictive and proactive maintenance and avoidance of unplanned stops, and thus lowered cost. It is possible to optimize operation and reduce energy consumption about 10% without affecting the level of availability- significant savings for LKAB. The actors are Alkit Communications AB, Uppsala DataBase Laboratory, Bosch Rexroth Mellansel AB and their customer LKAB.


Aktivitetsnummer: 2015:14
Portföljägare: PiiA
Aktivitetstyp: Förstudie
Status: Vilande
Program: PiiA
Aktivitetsledare: Magnus Löfstrand
Startdatum: 201411
Slutdatum: 201503